It was Joy and Grace who were felt led to start ministry among the mothers. They go twice a week just offering themselves for whatever they want help with. The ministry name is fitting for what they are doing. HANDS: Helping, Accepting, Nurturing, Discipling and Serving. Sometimes, visiting teams would serve with them in Bible studies, cleaning-up, repairs, etc. We've conducted medical and dental missions for these families.

The need of these families is extensive. Relationships and finances are the most common. A number are living together, still unmarried. Some have other families somewhere else. They are there without the knowledge of their original families. They don't have steady source of income. Some can only work for up to a few days a week. So, they go into scanvenging garbage to find something sellable. It is crazy and hard, so often they scape through booze and gambling. The cycle of poverty is not easy to be free from.